Things to keep in mind when shopping online

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Are you an internet freak? Do you love to shop online? Or do not have time to go shopping? Then do you have an idea? Surely, online shopping saves your time, effort and hassle of bargaining. The process is speedy and there are no quality issues from authentic channels. On the other side during online shopping, there always stays doubts either it’s about the safety of your personal data or maybe about the quality product at best prices. To resolve these questions we are going to give you some easy tips to keep in mind.

Use popular websites

Always try to shop from trusted and popular websites. Some sites leave you astray and really rip you off. When you click to a website, do watch the domain spellings carefully, there are some sites which use alternative domain name extension, for example, .net instead of .com. One of the perks of these websites that you can buy quality products at the best prices without any doubt.

Site Security

Buying online using your credit card can be a great risk. Look, if the sites are encrypted with the secure sockets layer (SSL). It is easy to know whether a site which is encrypted or not by watching its URL address at the top. If the sites have HTTPS instead of HTTP and a locked padlock at left they are saved to use.

Check your statements

Check your bank statements regularly online without waiting for the bill at month end. Go to the online sites and watch your credit or debit cards and other accounts electronic statements. Try to shop online using credit cards instead of using the debit card to protect your account from scams.

Use antivirus on your computer

Instead of waiting for a swindler to hack your computer and your personal data, use a good antivirus program for your computer. The antivirus will also help to fight spam or phishing attacks from different websites.

Using public networks

Do not use a credit card in public terminals and public Wi-Fi networks. When you give your credit card number or expiry date to these sites using a public network, it’s very easy to get hacked. Try to use popular and top websites usually, these websites provide you safety in comparison to other ones.

Change your password

To protect your account from scamming frequently change your password. At least after every ten days and try to set your password stronger. Try to make a long and unbreakable password using numbers and symbols inside letters.

Over-sharing site

Don’t over-share online shopping websites on social media or other websites. In most of the cases, your information becomes saved at the website link. By adding a little information anyone can steal your identity and you will be prone to get scammed.

Use smartphones for shopping

Use smartphones and online shopping websites apps for online shopping. By using a mobile phone there is a system of code authentication while payment this helps to protect your account and allows you to do safe shopping. You do not need to carry your credit cards at risky places when everything is in your mobile.